Integrating Notepad++ with Sliksvn

I have recently started to use Notepad++ as my primary code editor. For source code management, I use SVN. There are lots of extensions available for integrating TortoiseSVN with Notepad++, but none available for SlikSVN. However, using NPPExec (install it through Plugins->Plugin Manager->Show Plugin Manager) extension, it’s pretty easy to integrate SlikSVN command line svn tool with Notepad++.

* Open Notepad++
* Press F6 to open the execute window
* Type the following commands:
o c:program filessliksvnbinsvn.exe -m ” commit
* Click on Save
* Type a name, ‘SVN Commit’, to save the script
* Go to Menu Plugins -> Nppexec -> Advanced Options -> Menu Item
* In the combobox select the script recently created, select a menu name, ‘SVN Commit’, and click ok
* Go to Menu Settings -> Shortcut mapper -> Plugins -> search for the script name
* Select the shortcut to use , Ctrl + Alt + 1 , click ok

For update command, use the same process, just replace the commit command with update while creating the script file, different menu name and a seperate kyeboard shortcut.