Installing Asterisk with DAHDI in FreeBSD 9

If you are installing Asterisk(/usr/ports/net/asterisk) with DAHDI(/usr/ports/misc/dahdi) support in FreeBSD, make sure you have FreeBSD src installed in /usr/src, as that is required to compile DAHDI port . This is as of 06th April, 2012 .

[Update] Dahdi port now correctly refuses to build if source is not found in /usr/src


4 thoughts on “Installing Asterisk with DAHDI in FreeBSD 9

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  2. In addition to the other rtequses:- Sysinstall able to install on zfs and other filesystems- Sysinstall to be able to configure basic firewall rules and secure levels preconfigured options- Clang to be the default instead of gcc- Sensors framework support similar to Linux lm-sensors- Full support for HP Proliant server and their support pack utilities- Jails framework improvements on resource limits and ezjail re-written in C and intergration with the OS- Introduce real clustering file system


  3. I’m more than happy with sysinstall, more than lileky because its just always been that way. I can’t say its massively intuitive to use but after you’ve installed a few systems with it then its fairly simple to use.Compared to some older beasts like the Irix 6 or Solaris 9 s text installers its a breeze.Most of the people I have introduced to FreeBSD have immediately commented on how old’ the install process is for it. But then again, once you actually get into FreeBSD, if you didn’t have the stomach for sysinstaller, I doubt you’ll get much further when you start reading into ports and maintaining a FreeBSD box. =PI believe the main audience for FreeBSD wouldn’t be too bothered either way with what the installer looks like as long as it works.


  4. sysinstall was functional 10 years ago, but there’s so much minissg that’s kind of expected by new users. At least it’s up to date again. There’s just so much man-power required to keep up to date and to further advance FBSD.


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